July 21, 2024
How To Train a Dog NOT to Lick Me

How to train a dog not to lick me? – There are ways to get rid of that behavior!

Why do dogs always lick their masters? As we commonly know, dogs are friendly and faithful pets. It always expects a smooth relationship with the master. The dogs are often part of the family due to the strong bond between the animal and the master. Among the typical behavior patterns of pet dogs, wagging their tails, panting, jumping with happiness are very common. Another well-noticed habit is that the dog tends to lick their master or the ones they recognize as closest to them. There are ways to train your doggie not to lick you! Are you thinking about how to train a dog not to lick me? Yeah, there are effective ways to get rid of that behavior.

Here’s the deal:

What is unique with licking? -Before discussing how to train a dog not to lick me…

Dogs licking a person is, in a way, getting to know each other. Also, it could interpret as a method of greeting or communication. 

Also, the dogs follow this to show their love for the master. The researchers have found out that this habit comes from an early age. The mother tends to lick the puppies when they are small. The puppies, too, tend to continue this as a habit. Licking the young ones is a common practice among dog packs. But when it comes to humans, some of us might not like the idea. 

A wet kiss from your fur baby?

If you have a powerful bond with the dog, you may feel the licking is natural. But that may be the case with all of us.

Therefore, it is essential to avoid the dog licking you as it might also cause diseases. Along with all the training and pampering, we should also think of training a dog not to lick. According to the veterinary facts, there are specific steps that you can follow. It says that the best way to make sure is you distract the dog when you feel such behavior is about to occur. You can throw the dog something to go towards the object to catch it. Also, if you see the dog trying to reach you to lick you, you may ignore him. When the dog realizes this response a few times, he will keep away from the habit.

Also, the expert advice says that you can put something they like in their mouth. Then the dog gets distracted from the initial intention and pays more attention to what he is chewing.  

The master’s scent is one of the other reasons the dogs tend to lick the face. So, if you can take a good shower and change the smell, the dogs will not come after you. They are susceptible to the scent, realizing that it’s their master even from a long distance. 

As mentioned, licking is a way of communication. The dogs might try to pass the message that they are stressed or hungry. So, giving them a snack or taking them for a walk to ease the stress. It will make them stay away from the habit of licking. 

How to train a dog not to lick me?- How to make your dog continue with the new practice?

Constant training of a new way to greet you will help the dog to stay away from his habit of licking you. Also, trying to understand the dog’s feelings better will make the dog keep away from the practice of licking. Understanding if he is hungry, needs a walk, or needs to play will make you act accordingly. So, the dog will no longer need to lick you and communicate that he needs attention or needs pampering. 

To get the dog into a new habit to avoid licking, you can practice the reward system. It will help if you reward the dog when it shows its desired behavior. It will surely be a very effective method. The dog will get used to this over time.

Giving a little pat will also is a way to show him that you love him constantly. Then the dog will not lick you and remind you that he needs love and attention.

“Give a paw method” is one of the effective ways you can use to make the dog forget licking. Continuous practice and repeating this new habit will eventually make it forget to lick.

Finally, most dog lovers are ok with a few puppy kisses and licks. But not all. So, if you feel you need to avoid such behavior regarding your dog, you can try out a few methods from above.

But you should keep in mind if you try to make him fit into a new habit, practice with them, reward and repeat the routine. They will then automatically get used to it. Also, you should remember dogs do need love!

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