June 21, 2024
How to toilet train a lion shepherd puppy outside

How to toilet train a lion shepherd puppy outside?

Having a puppy as a pet is one of the most unforgettable experiences. If you love dogs, that would be the most exciting period of the relationship that you will have with your dog. The cuteness of the little fur babies will be one of the best things to enjoy while they are still puppies. Among the dog breeds, the German shepherd long coat dogs or the lion shepherd, as they interpret, are the cutest puppies or pets to have at home. They are a breed that quickly gets used to a domestic environment and will soon be friends with the owner and the family. Along with petting and pampering, it is essential to keep in mind that there are certain things that you should train the puppy. Among them, how to toilet train a lion shepherd puppy outside is pretty critical that you should consider during his training. 

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How to toilet train a lion shepherd puppy outside?

How to toilet train a lion shepherd puppy outside

One of the essential facts that researchers found out is that the long-coated German shepherds or the Lion shepherd are some of the most intelligent dog breeds among the other dog breeds. They are effortless to please and very cooperative when dealing with the master. Therefore, you should be eager and committed to getting the best result of training the dog to outside potty training.


The Lion Shepherd or the long-coated German Shepherd puppies are usually potty trained at 12 weeks to 16 weeks.

Below are a few of the facts that you could consider when you carry out the process of toilet training your long-coated German Shepherds or the Lion Shepard puppy. 

Train the puppy according to a schedule. 

You have to commit yourself to sticking to the plan if you need to get the results. There, you can first keep to a timetable and take the dog out to automatically get into a routine. You need to consider the puppy’s small bladder and carefully plan the training. 

Select a designated spot.

When you take him out regularly to the same place, he will realize the purpose and soon get used to it. The owner should also note taking the puppy out from a specific door so that the dog identifies the intention.

Also, keep one particular command in words or gestures so that the puppy knows what that means.

It will soon get in the habit of going out once it sees the motion or hears the commands.

Implement a reward system

Suppose the puppy follows the command and does his business perfectly, reward him. It will surely motivate him to continue the habit.

Accidents and set back are definite. 

So be prepared to face the accidents and set back while in the process. Minor improvements count a lot. So, we need to make sure not to fall back with the accidents. It may take time, depending on the competency of the puppy.

Confidence and consistency of the practice are a must. 

You need to keep the planned routine till the puppy is familiar with the spot outside and the commands. 

You can also use a puppy pad on the selected spot for a start. Once he sees it, he will get an idea about the purpose. This may not last long, but you can always start with this. 

Another essential thing is that the master or the owner should know to identify the dog’s signs like sniffing the ground, circling the room, looking restless and anxious, going to the area previously toileted in, etc.

Master should never scold the puppy for not doing a good job. It will discourage the puppy from getting used to the habit. 

Proper training, rewarding, and keeping up with the routine are the best ways to train the dog with appropriate toileting. It is very easy to enjoy your time with your pet in the long run. Hope these points will be helpful to train your puppy well!

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