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How do you train your dog to catch a ball with just 2 simple steps?

Hello! You know dog is close to people’s lives and they are always trying to live with their owner. It is well-known fact that they always hope to love the owner. On the other hand, they aren’t fond of scolding from the owner. As a result, they have disobeyed. Therefore you can always…

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How to train a dog not to lick me? – There are ways to get rid of that behavior!

Why do dogs always lick their masters? As we commonly know, dogs are friendly and faithful pets. It always expects a smooth relationship with the master. The dogs are often part of the family due to the strong bond between the animal and the master. Among the typical behavior patterns of pet dogs,…

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Woof! A detailed guide on how to train a puppy to SIT

Are you a puppy owner? Do you ever encounter the “how to train a puppy to sit” question? If so, have a glance at this article. Teaching your dog to sit is a great place to start your training. Teaching a puppy to “sit” on command is an excellent tool you can use…

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