May 24, 2024
why has my cats fur gone lumpy

Why has my cat’s fur gone lumpy? | All you need to know

Every cat owner knows when the cat’s fur coat is not normal. For instance, when you pet your cat, you might suddenly realize that its silky fur coat is so smooth anymore. You may sense tiny fur knots on the back, or deep-seated mats, or thick, rough patches on your cat’s back. Why has my cat’s fur gone lumpy? In situations like these, your invention is helpful to get its silky fur coat back.

Why has my cat’s fur gone lumpy when I have taken care of it?

Even though you maintain your cat very well, sometimes you may find lumps, mats, and tangles on your cat’s coat. They can be problematic for several reasons. These fur lumps can be painful when they tug on their skin. Since these lumps trap moisture, it creates space for bacteria to develop, creating the apt environment for an infection. It can also be a kind of indication of a health issue. Therefore, if you find lumps and thick patches on your cat’s back, you should give it immediate attention.

Instances where a cat’s fur can go lumpy

Cats’ fur coats can go lumpy and patchy for many reasons. Sometimes the cause may not be a dangerous one. But if it is due to a health issue, you need to take your cat for medication. Here are some of the points why cats may develop lumpy fur coats at the back.

Longhaired fur coats

If your cat has long fur, you need to ensure its fur grooming is regularly on point. You must check the fur coat for possible knots because longhaired cats can quickly develop lumpy coats. You can brush off the tiny knots as soon as you notice them without letting the knots and lumps get bigger. If the fur coat is longhaired, you can even cut the lumps off using a pair of scissors. If you ignore tiny knots and lumps, it can develop into a full rough mat.

Topical reasons

If you use shampoos, tick products, and other topicals, there is a chance that your cat may not enjoy the taste. Therefore, it stops grooming itself because it does not want to taste the topical cream or shampoo you used. In cases like these, you have to brush off the topicals you use when you bathe your cat.

Gum and tongue inflammation

If you see no other reason for your cat’s fur to go lumpy, check its mouth. Gum and tongue inflammations can make it difficult for cats to groom themselves. You will also notice ulcers and bad breath if the cat’s mouth has a disease. In this case, you need to medicate the cat by giving delicate items for the inflammation to go down.

Wrap up: Why has my cat’s fur gone lumpy when I groom it regularly?

Even if you groom your cat regularly, the cat does a normal grooming process by itself. If all the reasons above do not seem to be the one, you need to see the cat’s vet. You have to monitor the cat’s appetite and check if the cat’s behavior is different. In rare cases, it can be a sign of an internal disease. Therefore, if you ask yourself, ‘why has my cat’s fur gone lumpy?’ and find no reason for it, wait for not more!

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